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In the lush, mountainous region of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala you'll find the indigenous Q'eqchi Maya farmers who grow this magnificent bean. Their heritage, tracing back thousands of years, all the way to chocolate's possible origin in the Ancient Mayan civilization, go into the cultivation of these cacao trees. Clearly they have a bit of experience with cacao. 

Winner of:

Bronze 2023 International Chocolate Awards

Silver 2021 Academy of Chocolate

Silver 2020 Academy of Chocolate

Silver 2019 Academy of Chocolate

Bronze 2018 International Chocolate Awards

Bronze 2018 Academy of Chocolate

Bronze 2016 Academy of Chocolate

Silver 2015 International Chocolate Awards

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

Sirene Chocolate is a award winning Chocolate Company based in Victoria BC. They start with a cocoa bean, and make chocolate out of it - but to tell the full story, it actually starts quite a while before that. The process really starts when they identify a farm they are interested in working with. They look at a variety of factors including whether they like the taste (ie quality) of the beans, whether they can pay the farmer directly, what working conditions are like at the farms and more. They consider their relationship with the farms as a working relationship between two small businesses: the small business that is Sirene, and the small business that is the farm. Equals working together trying to deliver the best chocolate possible to their customers.

Taylor Kennedy founded Sirene in 2013 after 18 years at the National Geographic Society. Kennedy was looking for a change in his life and was fuelled by a life-long obsession of wanting to know how life works. The long and persnickety process of making chocolate became a captivating obsession.

The whole process from bean to finished bar takes them about three weeks to a month, depending on the bean used. It is a detail-oriented process that demands their full attention the whole way along, and is deliciously, gruellingly fun. 

Sirene Chocolate Lachua Guatamala Chocolate Sirene Chocolate

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