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The entire Healingscents aromatherapy, skin care, and body care product lines are certified Cruelty Free by Cruelty Free BC


Behind the label:

The goals of Cruelty-Free BC are to:

  • Educate consumers on the inhumane and unnecessary practice of animal testing for cosmetics and household products.
  • Educate consumers on the misleading labelling of cruelty free products in North America and how they can identify genuine cruelty-free products.
  • Promote local BC companies making certified cruelty free products.

The Myth of Animal Testing

Animal testing on cosmetics and household products is not only inhumane and unethical, it is unnecessary. There are many non-animal tests that produce more reliable results to human health, and many are less expensive and more efficient. You can visit Human Society International’s Be Cruelty-Free page for more information.

While countries such as India, Norway, Israel, and the 28 member states of the European Union have banned animal testing on cosmetics, there remains a majority of countries, including Canada, that still permit it.

As consumers we have the power to demand companies to change their testing policies and to support those who create quality products that are genuinely cruelty-free.

Misleading labels

With growing awareness of the unnecessary suffering animals are put through for what is most often ineffective results on the safety of cosmetics, beauty and household products to human health many people look to the labels of products to ensure that they are buying products that are cruelty-free.

Unfortunately, labelling requirements in North America make this a very misleading endeavour. In North America, in order for a product to be considered cruelty-free for labelling purposes, all that is required is that the final product not be tested on animals. Therefore a product can be made of ingredients that have been tested on animals and still be labelled as cruelty-free.

There are things that consumers can do to ensure that the products they are buying, and the companies they are supporting are genuinely cruelty-free. Leaping Bunny and PETA both have similar certification processes that are free of charge to companies. These processes help to ensure that the product AND the ingredients have not been tested on animals. Not all certified products will say they are cruelty-free on the product label, as that logo does come at a cost to the company, but the information is available online with very user friendly searchable databases. Beagle Freedom Project has created an app that enables shoppers to scan products and find out if they are cruelty free. The app contains all products in both Leaping Bunny and PETA’s databases.

There are uncertified cruelty-free companies who do not use any ingredients tested on animals, but until the Canadian and US government change the labeling requirements, or better yet ban the animal testing on cosmetics, the surest way for consumers to know that a product is cruelty free is through a recognized certification process.

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